Grant Recipient Report

The E. C. Glass Foundation Board requests that grant recipients make a report of the activities and highlights of the function supported by the grant. The board will use these reports to inform decisions on future grants and to publicize the Foundation's work to the E. C. Glass community. The Board hopes and expects greater awareness of its activities to generate more interest from the E. C. Glass faculty to pursue continuing education opportunities. It also expects publicity of its success to help generate the support needed to support these pursuits. 

Please use the form below to complete and submit the report. 

You will receive an email confirming receipt of your completed report. The Foundation would like to use photographs of the event and its participants in its publicity. If you have photographs to share for this purpose, please reply to the confirmation email and attach them. Also, feel free to supplement your submitted report with any information you wish the Foundation to reserve as private through a reply to this confirmation email. 

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